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NEW Italian Stone Carving Techniques

August 10 - August 15

| Register: $925

Ciao a tutti,

For the second summer in a row, we have the incredible privelege of two master Italian sculptors from Carrara coming to Vermont to teach with me in a 6-day, intensive workshop.  The course will focus on Italian techniques: the special ways in which sculptors in Italy have developed—over centuries of carving marble—to handle tools and apply a variety of methodologies to realize a work in stone.

The course is open to students of all skill levels and interests.  We will guide you through the process of realizing your dream in marble, whether by direct carving, or using reference drawings and models.  These Italian carvers have been sculpting stone for eight hours per day, for the past twenty or thirty years, carrying on traditions that go back to the Romans—they will have something to offer everyone, whether it’s in the way they hold the hammer and chisel, the manner in which they make accurate judgements when blocking out the form, or the time-saving tricks they use in the finishing process.

I can’t emphasize how unusual and special this opportunity is.  Even if you travel all the way to Italy, the artisans in a professional sculpture workshop can’t take the time from their daily projects to teach you in such an individualized and focused setting.  Thanks to the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, which was founded as an extension of the Carrara experience, this unique mentorship program is being offered in a convenient location, at an unbeatable cost.

Additionally, to celebrate the ongoing Vermont/Italy relationship, we will be hosting a variety of exciting talks, presentations and films for “Italian Week.”  We’ll look at the history of Italian sculpture, the contemporary sculpture workshops in Italy, and even the historical connection between Carrara and Vermont that goes back to the 19th century!

Mon 5:15-6:15 – Leonardo Corsanini presents 25 years of sculpture projects

Tues 5:15-6:15 – If Stone Could Speak by filmmaker Randy Croce

Wed 8/6  7PM –  Artist Talk by Stephen Shaheen and B Amore on the Origins of the CSSC

Thurs 5:15-6:15 – Stone Sculpture in the 21st Century by Steve Shaheen

Fri 5:15-6:15 –  Workshop participant slides

ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED!  For more information, or to hold your place, please contact the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center via info@carvingstudio.org or phone (802) 438-2097.  Also, please feel free to write to me with any questions.

I hope to see you there, and continued buon lavoro!



Register: $925