Artists in Residence are integral to the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center programming as they create sculpture and interact with the arts community. They comprise an important facet of our creative learning environment, providing a look at diverse artistic processes. Residents come from around the world, as well as Vermont and other states in this country. Artist residencies vary in duration from one week to several months.

In addition to individual residencies, ongoing relationships with arts organizations in Peru, Kenya and China foster understanding and cultural exchange with sculptors from those countries.


The CSSC Artist Advisory Committee selects from applicants and determines awards of fully funded (includes studio space and support, stipend, housing and meals) and partially funded (includes studio space and support) artist residencies. To apply for a residency at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, please submit up to ten images of your artwork, a resumé/CV, an artist’s statement, a range of desired dates to: or the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center; P.O. Box 495; West Rutland, VT 05777 (and SASE for return of materials, if desired) .





Opportunities for independent work are available and fees include indoor and/or outdoor space, compressed air, water and electricity. Membership discount(s) apply. Further information is available upon request:




Serious students of sculpture will gain invaluable knowledge through their participation in our Intern Program as studio assistants. In return for maintenance of the campus and assistance to instructors, interns are compensated with a small stipend, in addition to room and board. Resident Interns take part in workshops, work independently, have access to our art studios for learning and creating, as well as sculpture tools, materials and supplies, and constitute a vital presence at the CSSC. Intern selection takes place in the early spring for the following season.

To apply for a Carving Studio and Sculpture Center Resident Internship, please mail up to ten images of your artwork, a resumé/biography, a statement describing how you expect your artistic development to benefit from the internship to: or The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center; P.O. Box 495; West Rutland, VT 05777 (and a SASE for return of materials, if desired) .

Resident Interns who are enrolled in a Fine Arts degree program may be able to earn college course credits for their participation. The prospective Resident Intern should contact his or her college for more information on whether this is possible.