Board of Trustees

The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center Board of Trustees truly care about the continuance of this unique organization. They play an integral role, guiding our financial stability and future development.

Pam Brown

Mary DeVries

Christine Diekel, Vice President

Elizabeth Dietz

Philip Gawet

James G. Levins, Secretary

Bill Nutt

Ryder Owens

Tim Schneller, Treasurer

Scott Stoll

Paula Walczyk, President



The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center staff is knowledgeable and experienced. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing our programs.

Carol Driscoll, Executive Director

Tom Kearns, Studio Manager

Garrett Robin, Administrative Assistant

Chris Mathewson, Marketing/Graphics

Eric Morton, Chef


Artist Advisory Committee

B. Amore, Founder

Taylor Apostol

Leonidas Chalepas

Anne Dean

Carlos Dorrien

Alisa Dworsky

Kate Katomski

R. Elliott Katz

Marsha Pels

Rick Rothrock

Steve Shaheen

Nora Valdez

Bart Uchida


The Carving Studio & Sculpture Center mission is to be an inspiration for three-dimensional artists and art lovers alike. Come see what’s happening at our art studios for learning and creating. We offer everything from stone carving classes to residencies that give artists space and time for their work. And in our gallery space you can see pieces reflecting a wide variety of styles and aesthetics. It’s a treasure trove of innovative contemporary art, tucked into a historic Vermont site.