Sculpture Garden and Trail

Greeting visitors as they arrive at the Carving Studio & Sculpture Center, the Sculpture Garden and Trail grew from a symposium that honored Vermont’s Bicentennial in 1991.

The Sculpture Garden is a celebration of three-dimensional art and, in particular, Vermont marble. The Sculpture Garden provides not only a tranquil viewing space, but also a thought-provoking collection of work, with new pieces added each year. The Sculpture Garden has grown to include a .36 mile forested walking trail, completed in November 2022. SculptFest23 was the first exhibition featured along the forested trail, with 10 site-specific works installed among the marble industrial remains found along the path.

The Sculpture Garden and Trail are open to visitors year round during daylight hours.

Below is a sampling of the works currently on display.

An Observation on the Lives of Women by Josie Dellenbaugh

The Seven Sisters Stelae

“Seven Sisters” was inspired by and pays homage to the Pleiades star cluster, featured in myth and folklore for four millennia. Artist Josie Campbell Dellenbaugh attributes seven stages of women’s lives to the stellar group. The standing, black marble slabs are carved with symbols and arranged in a circle aligned with the Pleiades at the Winter Solstice.

The installation is comprised of three parts:

A. Sighting Wall, which points to the position of the Pleiades rise on the Winter Solstice

B. Outer Precinct Wall

C. The Circle of the Seven Sisters

The Outer Precinct Wall was created by master stonewaller Dan Snow in consultation with the artist. 

“Seven Sisters” is a privately funded permanent installation at the Carving Studio & Sculpture Center Sculpture Garden. Conceived and created 2018-2020; Dedicated June 2021.

Other work on display in the Sculpture Garden includes:

  • Artist: Percy Kuta

    Title: The Heart of the Whirlwind

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Elena Saracino

    Title: Genesis

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Ivan Rojas Tovar

    Title: Couple

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Stephanie Robison

    Title: Moon Dog

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Jamie Hatch

    Title: Green Mountain Recliner

    Material: Steel

  • Artist: Evan Morse

    Title: Reach III

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: James Kangoroti

    Title: Toncho Man

    Material: Limestone

  • Artist: Margaret Otieno

    Title: Man Taking the Music Home

    Material: Limestone

  • Artist: Hector Santos

    Title: Jones

    Material: Marble, Slate, Copper                     

  • Artist: Don Ramey

    Title: Tree Pose

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Leonidas Chalepas

    Title: Two Spaces Divided by a Wall

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Ahn Tran

    Title: Aura of Friendship

    Material: Marble, Granite

  • Artist: Frank Sansone

    Title: Chrysalis

    Material: Marble

  • The Stone Foundation

  • Artist: Evan Morse

    Title: Sunbather

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Rick Rothrock

    Title: Trace

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Carlos Dorrien

    Title: The Gift

    Marble 2010 Symposium

  • Artist: Chris Welles

    Title: Mass Displacement 2

    Material: Champlain Black Marble, Earthworks

  • Artist: Chris Welles

    Title: Mass Displacement 4

    Material: Champlain Black Marble, Earthworks

  • Artist: Casey Wright

    Title: Sea Fan

    Material: Marble, Steel

  • Artist: Rick Rothrock

    Title: Petitus Fugo

    Material: Marble, Granite

  • Artist: Taylor Apostol

    Title: Cava

    Material: Marble, Serpentine, Steel

  • 1995 Group Bench Project
    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Persi Navarez

    Title: L’observador (Guardian)

    Material: Wood

  • Artist: Masaharu Suzuki

    Title: Nizi (Rainbow)

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Ahn Tran

    Title: Conversation with God

    Material: Marble, Granite

  • Artist: Justin Rose

    Title: Big Chief

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Tsuneo Narumi

    Title: Hai

    Material: Marble

  • Artist: Danny Palomino &
    Alphonso Quispe

    2010 Peru Exchange Stone Bench Project

  • Artist: Carol Driscoll

    Title: Becoming Round

    Material: Marble