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Steel Sculpture : June 17-21

Steel Sculpture : June 17-21

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Things are going to warm up in this five-day exploration of the various aspects and possibilities of steel sculpture. Participants will learn the whole process – from the history of metal as an artistic medium, to the physical acts of creating metal sculpture. Familiarity with the materials, tools, and machines commonly used in the field will be gained through use of the studio’s well-equipped, open air metal shop.

The instructor will teach the fundamentals of gas and MIG welding; abrasive, plasma, and oxy-fuel cutting; bending, forging and finishing of steel, as well as several cold connection methods. As always, safety is a priority; this workshop will cover material precautions, proper tool usage, and correct machine operation.

Group cooperation, individual instruction and a little imagination will provide all the elements necessary to make metal dreams a reality. All participants will leave with confidence in their ability to execute basic welding techniques and one or more of their own steel sculptures! 

Instructor: Gary Parzych

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