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Stone Carving: Making Big Rocks Smaller with Style : Jul 15-19

Stone Carving: Making Big Rocks Smaller with Style : Jul 15-19

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Turning a random piece of Rock into a Worked Stone takes Intent and Craft.

Stone is one of Nature’s most durable materials.  Intention combined with Craft is the will and drive to bring an Idea/Concept to take form in this material.  It is done by using the Knowledge and Tools of the Stone Carver or Stone Cutter.

We will start by Identifying participants goals and choosing an appropriate stone (Danby Marble, Fairhaven slate and Indiana Limestone, among others). Then we will move to making stone chunks, chips and dust as fast as possible!

We will cover the use of Traditional tools (pins and feathers) to split the stone and hand chisels (pitches, tracers, chippers and point for rough shaping. Over the course of the week, we will move onto: electric grinders with diamond blades, pneumatic air hammers with carbide tipped chisels and a variety of abrasives to continue refining and polishing.

Along the way, we will be discussing the stone removal process; various ways of achieving a result and whether process marks could/should be left as marks of a Maker of if Form takes precedent. There will be detours, depending on Class interest, such as: a quick tool making demo, Gilding, using sandblast as texture/aging tool, drawing techniques, how to layout complex Architectural details, etc.

All levels of Skill are encouraged – just bring Ideas, small maquettes, sketches, and of course, enthusiasm! (beginner/intermediate/advanced

Instructor: Francis Anjo

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