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Wood Sculpture - Reshaping trees, logs and branches: June 24-28

Wood Sculpture - Reshaping trees, logs and branches: June 24-28

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This class will explore the use of wood and trees in art with a foundation in safe woodshop practice and the science and craft of woodworking. Deeply connected to cultural practice, wood continues to respond to the environment after it is cut. Throughout this course, we will explore the fundamentals of working with this widely used, renewable, living material.

From assembling branches with basic joinery and rope to stack lamination of seasoned lumber to the Japanese yosegi zukuri (multiple hollow block construction) several techniques for joining multiple pieces together will be covered.

Advanced carving techniques and the essentials of selecting, using and maintaining the necessary tools, from gouges to electric chainsaws, will be discussed. Strategies for finishing the sculpture will also be explored and demonstrated.  Some materials and a range of tools will be provided, but feel free to bring your own wood and favorite tools.  All levels of experience are encouraged. 

Instructor: Bill Wolff

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